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Based in the largest independent film studio in the North West, with ~20 years of experience, do please consider me at your disposal for all your stills and video needs. 


Whether you’re looking for a branded film, or six month’s worth of content, a single music video, or entire visual album – I assure you, I’ve heard it all, and done it all… 


Every shoot is tailored to your specifications, whether you want to shoot on Arri Alexa or GoPro, Red Helium or cell phones. 
Set building, projection mapping, choreography, pyrotechnics, it’s all at your disposal. The sky – and your imagination – is the limit.


I don’t discriminate based on budget.
Whether you’ve got a three-figure or six-figures for your project, images from straightforward stills shoots are delivered within 12 hours.
For video projects, you can generally expect first cut back within 12-24 hours


Have a browse at my previous work – and once you’ve taken in the myriad directions we can take your content, give me a nudge and let’s make something beautiful together.