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Cinematography & Editing

A plethora of cinematography & editing work for your perusal,
with full kit list below.


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Alton Towers Fireworks Spectacular 2016

For the last three (or maybe four!?) years I’ve been creating the video content for the Alton Towers fireworks shows. This year they came to...
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Vevo Halloween 2016

    Massive live music show, shot on ARRI Alexas, featuring  Jack Garratt, Aurora, Blossoms, Izzy Bizu
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NightGarden visuals / teaser

A selection of imagery from the visuals and teaser trailers for NightGarden, a monthly food/music event with a rotating selection of renowned chefs, such as...
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The Coral – Million Eyes

  Once again, I teamed up with spectacular director / producer Sam Wiehl for this lovely little psychedelic video for Liverpool icons The Coral.
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Asics – Quantum Gel

The first of 12 commercials I’ve been brought in to do for Asics new Quantum Gel and Kayano lines.
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CODE Beautiful – mashup

The second of fifteen commercials shot for CODE Beautiful, produced by the magnificently spectacular Clare Barry.
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CODE Beautiful – lashes that blow you away

First of fifteen really fun commercials I’m creating for CODE Beautiful, produced by the amazingly wondiferous Clare Barry.
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Landsail – Performance Car Show promo (1/8)

Landsail had a tight turnaround of 2 days to get 8 videos together for the Performance Car Show…
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THIS was 2015

Every year I work on around 100-200 shows, and every year I attempt to condense that down into a compilation come Jan 1st.
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Katy Alex – Light

Katy Alex was let down by the original director of her new music video, so I saved the day with a 90 minute shoot and...
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AGP – How Could She Love You

War Room Records tapped Sam of StudioZongo to direct the new AGP video, and as always, I answered the call to shoot it with a...
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‘@’ book trailer

I’ve been writing, and as of January I’ll be publishing a book a month, accompanied by a book trailer – and this is the first...
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Nina G – I like you better when you ugly

A lovely dark little music video I shot for directors Nina G & Mike Donaghy
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Dave McCabe & The Ramifications – Let Me Go

In October, I shot the new video for The Zutons frontman’s new band.
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The Hummingbirds – Out Of The Rain

Mike Brits is one of my favorite directors to work with, and the shoot for The Hummingbirds new single ‘Out Of The Rain’ was a...
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Invisible Wind Factory promo

Vision Commission brought me in to shoot this little promo for The Kazimier’s next venture, The Invisible Wind Factory.
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Autobahn – Society

The new Autobahn video ‘Society’, a swiftly thrown together StudioZongo project I was asked to hop on board.
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International Festival Of Psychedelia 2015 promo #3

Third promo for this year’s Psychfest, and almost definitely the messiest.
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Chanel & the Circus – This Old Guy

Chanel came to me with the song and a vague concept, to which I shrieked “POP-UP SETS!” A month later we were building pop-up sets.
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Outfit – Framed

The new single from Outfit, yet another collaboration with StudioZongo
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Stealing Sheep – Deadlock

It’s been a while since I shot some epic greenscreen, and dang was it fun filming the Stealing Sheep again.
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Annie Mac ‘Cinematic Bolton’ promo

It’s only February, and yet I think this is now the fourth or six show I shot with Annie Mac.
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Pandora’s Bliss – Talking To Your Head

Probably the most fun I’ve had directing / shooting / editing a video. Ever.
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Clown & Out

Yet another collaboration with Tom Lox, Andrew AB and Ste Webster, for a fun and twisted little short film, featuring a clown that’s not quite...
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International Festival Of Psychedelia 2015 promo #1

The International Festival of Psychedelia is coming round again, thus I’ve been put to work shooting some gloriously colorful promos.
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Bridie Jackson and the Arbour – Mucky

Another PageXII collaboration, with director AndrewAB leading the fray backed up by producer Tom Lox.
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Ravens – Brothers

“They want Eleanor Rigby, but with a plague doctor, and more psychedelic” said my co-director Howard Ashley Storey so that’s what we gave them!
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Underworld – Dark And Long

Louise Lowe is always a joy to collaborate with, and this time was no different.
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Arrows Of Love – Suck

This must by the 7th or 8th video I’ve worked on for The Arrows Of Love, and goddamn was it a fun show.
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No Son Of Mime

Winner of The People’s Choice award at the Reed Film Awards 2014.
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Rory & Ned – Outside & Work

As soon as these guys walked on stage, I declared “I HAVE to shoot your next video!”
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Airheads Bites 30′ spot

Fantastical kaleidoscopic fantasy silliness for Airheads new 30′ commercial.
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C.A.L.M. Love Triangle – Esco Williams

The first in a series of five films for C.A.L.M., featuring Esco Williams.
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Roosevelt – Sea

This fun little video for Roosevelt’s new single was edited in the midst of shooting/editing (yet another) an Arrows Of Love video
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Guttermask – Panopticon

‘Carte blanche’ were the words used by the head of Lost At Sea Records…
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The Wild Swans – In Secret

Yet another collaboration with Howard Storey, and yet another great show.
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Howard Be Thy Name – Trashed

I truly adore working with Howard Ashley Storey. Each show is completely different from the last, and all are tons of fun.
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Arrows Of Love – Song One

This marks the fourth video I’ve worked on for Arrows Of Love, and they just keep getting better.
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Howard By Thy Name – Baby Fantastic

An abandoned building, a ceiling caving in, and a ton of steadicam. All the makings of a great shoot.




Full Adobe CC 2015 Suite
HP Z820, 12 core @ 3.0ghz, 96gb RAM, 24gb VRAM
HP Zbook, quad core @ 2.8ghz, 32gb RAM, 8gb VRAM


Available kit:


Sony FS7 (4k, 2k @180fps)
Sony FS700 (super slomo RAW HD / RAW 2K / RAW 4K)
Sony EX1, EX3 & Letus
Sony z5
Canon 7D
Canon 5D Mk3
Gopro Her04 Black (super slomo HD / 4K)
Gopro 3 x2



Samyang/Rokinon 8mm 2.8
Samyang/Rokinon 12mm 1.8
Nikon 20mm 2.8
Samyang/Rokinon 35mm 1.4
Nikon 50mm 1.2
Samyang/Rokinon 85mm 1.4
Sony 18-200mm
Sony 28-134mm 4.0
Canon 70-200mm 2.8
Canon 18-55mm



DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal
14ft jib w/ motorized 360 pan & tilt head
Camera dolly & 21m straight/ 18m circular track
5x tripods of various sizes
6ft camera slide
2x Tripod dolly



1x 7.7inch OLED HD monitor / 4K recorder
1x 5inch monitor



Full cyclorama / infinity curve (10m x 4m x 8m)
Large (2m x 3m x 6m) greenscreen
2x Portable greenscreens (1.5m x 2m)



6x 800w redheads
2x 8-bar Kino / lightbanks
2x 2kw blondes
2x Reflectors & Stands
8x 500w daylight halogens w/ softboxes


ME66 shotgun mic
Fostex FR2LE digitalDAT recorder
Boom pole, pistol grip, windshield
Sennheiser G2 wireless lapel/lav mic
Rode NT1 (VO/ADR/foley mic)