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Chanel & the Circus – This Old Guy

LeeIsserow · August 04, 2015 · · 0 comments

Well, this was a wild time. Chanel came to me with the song and a vague concept, to which I shrieked “POP-UP SETS!” and a month later we were building pop-up sets at The Invisible Wind Factory and lugging them over the road to Vessel for the shoot.

Graeme Hill came in to AC for this one, and it was damned appreciated – there’s only so much one director and four assistants can do at a time… Plus I shot a totally different music video for Chanel during each of the nights after we wrapped for the day. Two videos back-t0-back. Very little sleep.

Lest I forget to mention the incredible cast of dancers and performers, plus some great kids lent to us by the wonderful people at Ora Casting, who I’ve always had a fondness for since they gave me 10 or 15 kids for an Alton Towers shoot a while back.  This was a hell of a fun time.